777 Advertising believes that a mail piece that resonates with your prospect can only be achieved by first understanding them thoroughly, and then designing your message for maximum response. We know how important the print and mail service is to getting direct mail recipients to open their mail, take notice of offer, and ultimately respond. Graphic design and print quality are only a part of what makes a responsive direct mail piece.
Better printing is, by design, a process that involves the consideration of the following:

1. Include your objective – To get the phone to ring, drive traffic to a website, generate further interest, visit the store location and place an order, invite to an event, etc.

2. Make the greeting personal – Variable print each piece to speak directly to your prospect or customer.

3. Highlight your strongest points – Include your strong points within the first paragraph or first location your eyes see.

4. Relevant language style – Choose language and design that’s relevant to the read you are mailing.

5. Focus on the benefits – Explain benefits to customers rather than features of the product. For example, “This product will save you $100 a year in fuel costs,” instead of, “Our product cuts down on water usage.”

6. Use bullets to list benefits – Bullets are read more than long paragraphs.

7. Always include a “response vehicle” – a business reply care or an 800 number customers can all will ensure proper tracking of customers.

8. Ask prospects to take action – Ask for a response and include a reason to do so with an incentive or strong offer.