Laser Imaging

Personalization of your mail piece is not only a sure way to increase readership and response, it’s easier than ever. Most mailers today approach direct mail as a brand building campaign. They mail their logo and contact information, but neglect to include relevant content, a strong offer, and a personalized greeting. With laser imaging technology, each mail piece can effectively be completely different than the next. Ideally, each piece of communication would speak directly to these individual you’re mailing, capture their attention with relevant content, and make an offer that makes sense to the recipient.

777 Advertising offers laser imaging printing technology with remarkable versatility.

• Wide range of graphic and font capabilities.
• Color variable logos, signatures, and images.
• Handwriting and specialty fonts for postscripts on letters or signatures.
• Personalized promotional, member mailings, and postcards.
• Selective imaging of text, address information, and salutations at production speed.
• High speed variable print technology.